Welcome the Warriors to the Web!

Help the McGregor Young Warriors race in 2019
December 20, 2018

We’re excited about the launch of the new online platform for the McGregor Young Warriors, where you can catch up on the history, learn more about the individual people and the program, and get involved with changing the lives of the young people from McGregor.

The McGregor Young Warriors Cycling Academy was established in 2016 after the annual Ride2Nowhere 3-day MTB race decided to make their community development something that truly makes a difference. Bicycles can change lives, and the McGregor Young Warriors has already demonstrated the power of sport in transforming the lives of young people.

The aim is to teach kids aged 6 to 18 the health benefits of cycling and the sense of responsibility and self-confidence it instills. In the process, they learn the discipline that is a required to participate in sport.

During the course of the year riders participate in various events around the region which help them improve their skills, fitness levels and keep them focused and motivated. This then prepares them to participate at the end of year in the Ride2Nowhere, contributing to their personal development and providing a sense of achievement, and most of all, belief.

The website tells the story of how the academy started, profiles the riders that are currently enrolled, and importantly, shows you how you can get involved. We believe that this program, with the support of our sponsors and the Ride2Nowhere, can continue to create opportunities for these young people to change their lives, not only as cyclists, but as full rounded individuals how contribute to their community.

Visit www.mcgregoryoungwarriors.co.za to find out how you can make a difference and be part of the McGregor Young Warriors.