About us

How we started

The McGregor Young Warriors Cycling Academy was established in 2016.

The annual Ride2Nowhere 3-day MTB race was initiated in 2012, embracing community involvement from the start. It quickly became clear that the community would be an integral part of the race, and that it would be a platform to serve as development tool for the local people.

This dream became a reality in 2016 after a generous donation of 7 bicycles and financial funding from title sponsor WeChat South Africa was received. The McGregor Young Warriors Cycling Academy was born.

The aim is to teach kids aged 6 to 18 the health benefits of cycling and the sense of responsibility and self-confidence it instills. In the process, they learn the discipline that is a required part of the sport.

During the course of the year riders participate in various events around the region which help them improve their skills, fitness levels and keep them focused and motivated. This then prepares them to participate at the end of year in the Ride2Nowhere, contributing to their personal development and providing a sense of achievement, and most of all, belief.

Three components of our project

  • Pure mountain biking for the high school boys and girls: the current group consists of 10 boys and 3 girls, all at high school level in Robertson, but residing in McGregor.
  • Bike service centre housed in the container and fully equipped to do all the bike maintenance required. This is done by the boys who are undergoing training. This enables the project to be sustainable. They can also service bikes of the McGregor community members (for example – the Tourism office) and charge a fee, thereby earning an income

    A BMX drive where 60 to 80 children, aged between 6 to 10 years old, get on BMX bikes in the name of fun. This is a weekly activity managed by the warriors from The Breede Centre, where the group of kids use the bikes on a rotation basis. This teaches the warriors to lead and mentor others.

Our vision & mission

  • To encourage youth to lead a healthy lifestyle through the sport of cycling
  • To expose youth to career and life opportunities through participating in events/activities outside McGregor

    To give back to the McGregor community through serving at community projects, for example by managing the BMX project, community clean-up projects, etc.

Their mentor

Meet Max Menzies.

Every young warrior needs a mentor, and Max has taken up the responsibility to lead and facilitate the growth of our young riders. Involved in every aspect of the program, he has become a coach and facilitator, and has become a driving force that ensures the continued growth of the program.

Among his many traits, he is:

  • passionate about cycling.
  • mentors the boys, organises their training and schedule of events.
  • teaches them leadership skills, encourages them and ensures they have fun!
  • raises funds and interest for the academy.